Andrew W. Lee

About Me

Hi. My name is Andrew Lee. I'm a California native with a curiosity and passion for computers (computer science, engineering) and cognition (perception and perceptual learning, memory), as well as the intersection between them: AI (connectionism), human-computer interaction, and intelligent tutors.

I've had the privilege of working at various tech-related startups. Some of them have been successful and some of them have not. A few have acquired companies and a few have been acquired. My roles have been diverse, but have been centered around creating and using software to help the company excel. My professional interests lie in software engineering.

In my free time, I like to watch Basketball (Warriors fan), play strategy games (currently it's Settlers of Catan), and be physically active (although I've been doing a pretty bad job lately). You might find me reading psychology research papers, hacking away on the computer, or even attending research seminars and lectures.

I'm currently a student at UCLA studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. I'm also a research assistant in Hongjing Lu's Computational Vision and Learning Lab, a member of Sigma Eta Pi, a co-ed entrepreneurship focused fraternity at UCLA, and a mentor in the Cognitive Science Student Association.


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