Time Off in Covid

Monday (8/10) marked the end of my two weeks of time off. I was initially going to take the week of my birthday but ended up pushing it back further and taking an extra week off. It worked out great. The last time I took an extended amount of time away from work (extended meaning > 1 week) was back in September / October 2019, before COVID. With everything that has happened since then, it felt like PTO was going to be a waste.

Getting out of the house made a significant impact on me. I got exposed to new stimuli and new environments. I also took large chunks of time away from devices (i.e. laptop). While I overestimated how much I could get done, over the two weeks I:

Reflecting on these past two weeks, I’m glad I took extended time off. I believe two weeks and longer is the proper amount of time to disconnect from work and relax. And I felt fortunate that I was able to.

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