What Comes Next

Earlier this month, I left Modern Treasury. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work there and to experience remote work (more on this coming soon). Working in payments / fintech in the United States was a huge learning experience for me as I got exposure to a lot of the challenges in the space. Needless to say, the team is doing really hard and valuable work.

For folks that are hearing about Modern Treasury for the first time, they offer:

Our payments platform and best-in-class developer tools move product and finance teams forward with faster payments, real-time data visibility, efficient workflows, and seamless bank integrations.

In my own words: Modern Treasury wants to be the critical layer for businesses that deal with money. Facilitating money movement correctly and keeping track of it is actually a huge pain. Banks in the United States are notoriously hard to get started with and difficult to work with. Even once you get started, money movement through ACH is complex and difficult to do at scale.

Towards the end, I found that it just wasn’t a great fit for me so I decided to leave. So what comes next for me?

Work on open source. I briefly maintained a popular Rails gem annotate but stopped because the codebase was in a bad place and COVID. Now that I have a lot more free time I’ve been working on a fork to make it easier to maintain and overall better.

Learn languages. In 2022, I traveled to Mexico, Japan, and Korea and found that what I love about traveling is the chance to connect with others. It’s hard to do that though when I can only converse in English. I plan to start learning Spanish and Japanese.

Write and publish more here. All the content I put out will be handcrafted and certified organic, not GPT generated.


I’m fortunate that I don’t have dependents or liabilities and have a decent amount saved up. I’ve had several coffee chats with early startups and while I can commit to the grind, I’m reminded to take my time in deciding what comes next.